Theological Education by Extension

The college has instituted various awards categorically for the deserving candidates during the valedictory service.
1. Amus & Letare Kerketta Prize (OLD TESTAMENT)
2. Asian & Mrs. Turyani Soy Prize (NEW TESTAMENT)
3. Samuel & Biswasi Minz Prize (CHRISTIAN THEOLOGY & ETHICS)
4. Robin & Kripa Minz Prize (CHRISTIAN THEOLOGY & ETHICS)
5. Susari Mariam Bhengra Prize (HISTORY OF CHRISTIANITY)
6. Tritva Merkha Poopen Tirkey Prize (HISTORY OF RELIGION)
7. Oikolampadius Tirkey Prize (PRACTICAL THEOLOGY)
8. Stuti and Aradhana Kerketta Prize (BEST WORSHIP & PREACHING)
9. Rev. Dr. Dieter Hecker Memorial Prize (ENVIRONMENT STEWARDSHIP)
10. Binjra Munda Memorial Prize (CHURCH MUSIC & LITURGY)
11. Chirlu Munda Memorial Prize (CHURCH MUSIC & LITURGY)
12. Late Dr. Samuel Minz Memorial Prize (COLLEGE PRIZE GENERAL PROFICIENCY)
13. Royan Mundu & Pyari Mundu Memorial Prize (ACADEMIC EXCELLENCY)
14. Johan Munda Memorial Prize/Award (ADIVASI THEOLOGY)
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Gossner Theological  College is driven to provide excellent theological educational opportunities that are responsive to the needs of our students, and empower them to meet and exceed challenges as active participants in shaping the future of our world.

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